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i. Supplier Manual Introduction
ii. Business Conduct
iii. Supplier Registration
1. Quality Objectives
2. Supplier Assessment Processes
4. Dana Specific Requirements
5. Change Management
6. Non-Conforming Materials Requirements
7. Website Links
  I. Tooling Marking & Documentation
 II. Dana Global Casting Quality Requirements 
III. Revision History


6. Supplier Assessment Processes

6.1 Supplier Systems Assessment: The objective of Dana’s Supplier System Assessment is to identify potential suppliers who have operational systems and controls which are compatible and complimentary to Dana and to periodically evaluate current suppliers to ensure those systems and controls are being sustained.

The purpose of the system assessment is to identify potential performance or supply risk to Dana or its end customers prior to sourcing. Key system factors evaluated include quality, safety, process, logistics/packaging, APQP, design, change management, people, leadership, cost and special processes modules critical to producing Dana product. The special processes addressed include casting, safety, machining, stamping, tubing, forging, steel and aluminum mill processing as well as the AIAG special assessments for heat treat (CQI-9), plating (CQI-11), coating (CQI-12) and welding (CQI-15). Suppliers must ascertain an Approved Status to the base assessment and all applicable special process modules to become an approved supplier to Dana.

Dana Supplier System Assessments are valid for three years and must be re-conducted prior to a supplier being eligible for new sourcing. Suppliers whose Quality Performance, as shown in our Supplier Performance Feedback System, conforms to Dana’s specified requirements will be given the right to complete and submit a Self - Assessment. Self - Assessment requirements are re-evaluated on an annual basis.

6.2 Process Series Review: The purpose is a focused analysis on a single production line and part number (or part family). It encompasses a thorough review of a supplier’s capacity, special characteristic capability, control and documentation to ensure the resultant product is in complete compliance to all Dana drawing, specification requirements and the quoted contractual volume.



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