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Note: Specific contact information for the Main Contact, Plant Manager, Quality Manager and NCMR Contact positions must be indicated. Please do not enter N/A (Not Applicable) or other non personnel specific information. The same person may need to be entered for multiple positions (e.g. Quality Manager and NCMR Contact may be the same person).

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Quality Certifications
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ISO/TS16949 Next Recertification Date:
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ISO 9001-2000 Original Certification Date:
ISO 9001-2000 Last Recertification Date:
ISO 9001-2000 Next Recertification Date:
If not ISO 9001-2000 certified, what is your projected certification date:
QS9000 Original Certification Date:
QS9000 Last Recertification Date:
QS9000 Next Recertification Date:
ISO 14001 Original Certification Date:
ISO 14001 Last Recertification Date:
ISO 14001 Next Recertification Date:
If not ISO 14001 certified, what is your projected certification date:
If other certifications, what are the certifications?
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Other Last Recertification Date:
Other Next Recertification Date:
If not currently certified, what is your projected certification date:
Is your company a certified minority supplier? (U.S. only)
If so, what organization certified the company?
What is the minority classification?
Is your company a woman owned business?
Please Check the Goods and Services Your Company Can Provide *
Aluminum- Flat Rolled - Aluminum
Aluminum- Flat Rolled - Unknown
Aluminum- Tubing - Aluminum
Aluminum- Tubing - Unknown
Asset Management - Asset Sales
Asset Management - CAPEX- Production Dies
Asset Management - CAPEX-Facility Infrastructure, Construction
Asset Management - CAPEX-Furniture and Furnishings
Asset Management - CAPEX-Machinery and Equipment
Asset Management - CAPEX-Material Handling and Storage
Asset Management - CAPEX-Measuring and Testing Equipment
Asset Management - CAPEX-Office Equipment
Asset Management - CAPEX-Tooling and Fixtures
Asset Management - CAPEX-Utility & Maintenance Equipment
Asset Management - CAPEX-Washing and Cleaning Equipment
Asset Management - Unknown
Bearings/Bushings - Ball
Bearings/Bushings - Bushings
Bearings/Bushings - Needle
Bearings/Bushings - Other
Bearings/Bushings - Roller
Bearings/Bushings - Sleeve
Bearings/Bushings - Tapered
Bearings/Bushings - Thrust
Bearings/Bushings - Unknown
Brass - Flat Rolled
Brass - Tubing
Brass - Unknown
Carbon Steel- Tubing - Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM)
Carbon Steel- Tubing - Electronic Resistance Welded (ERW)
Carbon Steel- Tubing - Seamless
Carbon Steel- Tubing - Unknown
Carbon Steel- Wire - Not Defined
Carbon Steel-Flat Rolled - Cold Rolled
Carbon Steel-Flat Rolled - Hot Rolled
Carbon Steel-Flat Rolled - Unknown
Castings/Machined Castings - Aluminum - As Cast
Castings/Machined Castings - Aluminum - Machined
Castings/Machined Castings - Ductile - As Cast
Castings/Machined Castings - Ductile - Machined
Castings/Machined Castings - Gray - As Cast
Castings/Machined Castings - Gray - Machined
Castings/Machined Castings - Steel - As Cast
Castings/Machined Castings - Steel -Machined
Castings/Machined Castings - Unknown
Chemical Raw - Additives
Chemical Raw - Elastomer Base Polymers
Chemical Raw - Elastomer Compound Polymers
Chemical Raw - Fibers
Chemical Raw - Fillers
Chemical Raw - Others
Chemical Raw - Paints / Coatings
Chemical Raw - Polyurethane Compound (packaged)
Chemical Raw - Silicone Compound (packaged)
Chemical Raw - Solvents
Chemical Raw - Thermoplastic Elastomer Polymers
Chemical Raw - Thermoplastic Polymers
Chemical Raw - Thermoset Polymers
Chemical Raw - Unknown
Copper - Flat Rolled
Copper - Tubing
Copper - Unknown
Corp Services - Benefits
Corp Services - Environmental Services
Corp Services - Financial
Corp Services - Government Agencies
Corp Services - Human Resources
Corp Services - IT
Corp Services - Legal Services
Corp Services - Marketing
Corp Services - Other Travel
Corp Services - Outsourced Services
Corp Services - Planning
Corp Services - Quality
Corp Services - Risk Management
Corp Services - Travel
Corp Services - Unknown
Deadener Material - Cardboard
Deadener Material - Foam
Deadener Material - Unknown
Electrical/Electronics - Batteries and Generators and Kinetic Power Transmission
Electrical/Electronics - Sensors
Electrical/Electronics - Solenoids
Electrical/Electronics - Unknown
Electrical/Electronics - Wiring Harness
Extruded Parts - Aluminum
Extruded Parts - Unknown
Fabrications - Not Defined
Facilities Management - Building Maintenance
Facilities Management - Energy
Facilities Management - General
Facilities Management - Janitorial
Facilities Management - Scrap (Non Metal)
Facilities Management - Unknown
Fasteners - Bolts
Fasteners - Clamps
Fasteners - Clips
Fasteners - Engineered Fasteners
Fasteners - Nuts
Fasteners - Others
Fasteners - Pins
Fasteners - Plugs
Fasteners - Rivets
Fasteners - Screws
Fasteners - Shipping Retainers
Fasteners - Snap Rings
Fasteners - Unknown
Fasteners - Washers
Filters - Not Defined
Forgings/ Machined Forgings - Hammer - As Forged
Forgings/ Machined Forgings - Hammer - Machined
Forgings/ Machined Forgings - Misc - Other
Forgings/ Machined Forgings - Press - As Forged
Forgings/ Machined Forgings - Press - Machined
Forgings/ Machined Forgings - Unknown
Forgings/ Machined Forgings - Upsetter - As Forged
Forgings/ Machined Forgings - Upsetter - Machined
Gasket Material - AFM - Compressed Sheet
Gasket Material - Asbestos Free Boards/Facing Paper
Gasket Material - Beater Add
Gasket Material - Glass -fiber-.material
Gasket Material - Graphite-Material
Gasket Material - Natural Foam Rubber Sheet/Roll
Gasket Material - Phenolic Sheet/Roll
Gasket Material - Plastic Sheet
Gasket Material - PTFE - Material
Gasket Material - Rubber Sheet/Roll
Gasket Material - Rubber-Cork-Plates
Gasket Material - Unknown
Gaskets - Composite
Gaskets - Gasket Sets (purchased complete)
Gaskets - Soft Material
Gaskets - Steel
Gaskets - Steel-Coated
Gaskets - Steel-Uncoated
Gaskets - Unknown
IT/Telecom - Computer Hardware
IT/Telecom - Computer Peripherals
IT/Telecom - Computer Software
IT/Telecom - Office Equipment
IT/Telecom - Telecom
IT/Telecom - Unknown
Logistics - Freight - Air
Logistics - Freight - Fuel
Logistics - Freight - Import/Export
Logistics - Freight - Intermodal/Rail
Logistics - Freight - Ocean/Sea
Logistics - Freight - Premium
Logistics - Freight - Road
Logistics - Freight - Small Package
Logistics - Packaging
Logistics - Unknown
Machined Bar Stock - Gear teeth (finished gears)
Machined Bar Stock - Precision Machining (CNC)
Machined Bar Stock - Screw Machining
Machined Bar Stock - Unknown
MRO - Bearings, Powertrain and Supplies
MRO - Chemical Non-Prod Cleaners
MRO - Chemical Non-Prod Unknown
MRO - Electrical and Electronic Supplies
MRO - Fasteners & Hardware
MRO - Industrial Gas - Bulk
MRO - Industrial Gas - Cylinders
MRO - Industrial Gas Unknown
MRO - Industrial Supplies
MRO - Office Supplies
MRO - Other Chemicals / Accessories
MRO - Packaging Supplies
MRO - Paints / Coatings
MRO - Perishable Cutting Tools
MRO - Repairs
MRO - Unknown
Outsourced Processes - Assembly
Outsourced Processes - Coil Slitting
Outsourced Processes - Inspection
Outsourced Processes - Plating, Coating, Paint, Prep
Outsourced Processes - Scrap Recycling
Outsourced Processes - Spin Close
Outsourced Processes - Unknown
Outsourced Processes - Welding, Brazing, Material Joining
Plastic Components - Blow Molded
Plastic Components - Compression Molded
Plastic Components - Extruded
Plastic Components - Injection Molded
Plastic Components - Unknown
Plastic Components - Vacuum Molded
Powder Metal Component - Not Defined
Raw Metal - Iron
Raw Metal - Nickel
Raw Metal - Other
Raw Metal - Unknown
Rubber Components - Boot / Bellow
Rubber Components - Bushings
Rubber Components - Center Bearing Cushion
Rubber Components - Coupling
Rubber Components - Gaskets
Rubber Components - Grommets
Rubber Components - Hose
Rubber Components - Injection Molded
Rubber Components - O-Rings
Rubber Components - Other Rubber Product
Rubber Components - Rotary Shaft Seal
Rubber Components - Unknown
Rubber Components - Valve Stem Seals
SBQ Bar - 1013
SBQ Bar - 1018
SBQ Bar - 1020
SBQ Bar - 1035
SBQ Bar - 1038
SBQ Bar - 1040
SBQ Bar - 1045
SBQ Bar - 1050M
SBQ Bar - 10V40
SBQ Bar - 1140
SBQ Bar - 1141
SBQ Bar - 1541
SBQ Bar - 1541H
SBQ Bar - 1541M
SBQ Bar - 1547RH MOD
SBQ Bar - 16MnCrS5
SBQ Bar - 4135H
SBQ Bar - 4140
SBQ Bar - 4150
SBQ Bar - 4150H
SBQ Bar - 4317M2
SBQ Bar - 5119
SBQ Bar - 8620
SBQ Bar - 8620A
SBQ Bar - 8620H
SBQ Bar - 8620RH
SBQ Bar - 8625
SBQ Bar - 8822
SBQ Bar - C45
SBQ Bar - DIN 41CR4
SBQ Bar - DIN52.1
SBQ Bar - EN36A
SBQ Bar - Unknown
SBQ Bar - XK1320B
Scrap - Carbon Steel-Bushelling
Scrap - Copper
Scrap - Unknown
Specialty Steel - Flat Rolled
Specialty Steel - Tubing
Specialty Steel - Unknown
Specialty Steel - Wire
Springs - Not Defined
Stampings - In Die Auto Transfer
Stampings - In Press Auto Transfer
Stampings - Manual Transfer In Die / Multiple Press
Stampings - Misc Blanking
Stampings - Progressive / Compound
Stampings - Unknown
Sub-Assemblies / Systems - Driveline
Sub-Assemblies / Systems - Fuel Tanks & Systems
Sub-Assemblies / Systems - Oil Pump
Sub-Assemblies / Systems - Steering
Sub-Assemblies / Systems - Transmissions
Sub-Assemblies / Systems - Tube Assemblies/Systems
Sub-Assemblies / Systems - Unknown
Sub-Assemblies / Systems - Vibration Damper
Sub-Assemblies / Systems - Water Pump
Sub-Assemblies / Systems - Wheel End
Tube Fittings - Aluminum
Tube Fittings - Brass
Tube Fittings - Nickel
Tube Fittings - Unknown
Supplier Quality Self Audit & Questionnaire
What are your basic products? *
Who are your major customers? *
Who are your major material suppliers? *
Do you utilize Just In Time (JIT) delivery?
Do you have product liability insurance?
If you have product liability insurance, at what amount?
Total facility area in square feet: *
What percent is utilized capacity? *
Total Employees *
Quality Hourly Employees *
Manufacturing Hourly Employees *
Quality Salaried Employees *
Total Salaried Employees *
Engineering Employees *
Union Affiliation *
Date Union Contract Expires
List laboratory/test facilities: *
Describe prototype capabilities: *
Do you use CAD/CAM?
A. General Systems
A1 Is the Quality Department a separate/distinct part of your organization?
A2 Do you have a Quality Manual?
A3 Are there written procedures defining the quality-related functions?
A4 Does the Quality Department have the authority to control nonconforming material?
A5 Do you have a documented quality related training program?
A6 Do you have a system for customer complaints and rejections?
A7 Do you have a specific department, or organization responsible for advanced quality planning on new products?
A8 Do you have a procedure for approval of new & rebuilt machinery/equipment?
A8a Does this procedure call for a minimum of 10-sigma (+/- 5) capability?
A9 2. Do you have a quality cost reporting system?
A10 Do you regularly perform internal quality system audits to assure compliance to your existing quality procedures?
A11 Does your facility have third party quality registration to QS9000, ISO 9001:2000, or TS 16949?
A12 Does your procedure require customer notification of continued registration?
A13 Does your procedure require that "loss of third party registration" be communicated to your customer?
B. Statistical Process Control
B1 Do you have an ongoing program to train employees in SPC?
B2 Do you have documented SPC for significant product characteristics (<CI>, <SC>) & process parameters?
B3 Is manufacturing responsible for SPC?
B4 Does your SPC program require (min) 1.33 Cpk & 1.67 Ppk?
B5 In instances where process capability has not yet been demonstrated, do you require a documented plan to improve the process?
B6 Do you use statistical techniques such as Design of Experiments, Pareto analysis, regression and correlation analysis, etc.?
C. Drawing and Specification Control
C1 Does the quality function review related drawings and specifications for new products before acceptance?
C2 Are controls in place to assure the latest drawings, change notices and specifications are in use by manufacturing and quality personnel at the point of production and inspection?
C3 Are there documented document and data control procedures?
C4 Is there a documented record retention procedure? (Life of Product & Service + 1 year)
D. Measuring and Test Equipment Control
D1 Is all measuring and test equipment uniquely identified?
D2 Do you have a documented calibration and control procedure in place?
D3 Are calibration standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) or appropriate international standards?
D4 Are GR&R's performed on all types of measuring devices?
E. Purchased Productive Material and Service Control
E1 Is a list of approved suppliers maintained?
E2 Are supplier quality audits/surveys conducted?
E3 Are suppliers required to use SPC and are records/data available?
E4 Are in-house or external heat treat sources approved to specific or specified Heat Treat specifications?
E5 Do you require supplier material certifications & routinely verify same?
E6 Are inspected materials uniquely identified from those awaiting inspection?
E7 Do you have controls to prevent movement of rejected incoming material to storage or point of use?
E8 Do you have AIAG APPROVED bar coding capabilities?
E9 Do you have product traceability from incoming through shipped product?
E10 Do you have documented procedures for contract review?
F. Non-Conforming Material Control
F1 Are controls in effect to prevent movement of nonconforming or suspect material back into the normal production flow?
F2 Is nonconforming product analyzed to determine cause and extent?
F3 Do you take corrective action to prevent recurrence of nonconformity?
F4 Is there a procedure for timely disposition for non-conforming material?
F5 Do you have segregated hold areas for nonconforming material?
F6 Is reworked or sorted material resubmitted for inspection?
G. In-Process Control
G1 Is first piece (heat, batch, lot, ladle analysis) inspection approval required?
G2 Do you perform in-process product audits?
G3 Is material identified throughout the process, with unique identification?
G4 Are control plans and operator instructions available at each operation?
H. Finished Product Verification
H1 Does finished product receive a final inspection by the Quality Department?
H2 Are inspection/test procedures or instruction sheets used?
H3 Do you perform PPAP's submissions for all customers per AIAG 3rd Edition Manual?
H4 Does your PPAP process require customer notification and concurrence (designated using facility) prior to shipping product?
H5 Does your PPAP process include provisions for yearly customer PPAP submission (including sub-components)?
I. Customer Deviation/Consession
I1 Do you have a deviation/concession procedure?
I2 Does it include customer approval authority for the deviation / concession?
I3 Do you have a procedure that requires the customer notification when submitting a Supplier Request for Engineering Approval (SREA) directly to an OEM?
I4 Does the procedure require (using) customer concurrence after an OEM approves an SREA, on product supplied directly to (using) customer?
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